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Freeze’s Ex-Wife Opeyemi Olarinde Replies Timi Dakolo As War Of Drama Continues



Freeze's ex-wife Opeyemi Olarinde replies Timi Dakolo as war of words continuesFollowing the ongoing drama between Daddy Freeze and Timi Dakolo, the Former’s ex-wife has just commented on the issue.

Opeyemi Olarinde Gave a comment to Timi Dakolo, telling the singer to ignore her ex-husband.

“Kindly ignore the myopic man….I was married to him for few years. I will reveal all that transpired soon.

Freeze and Timi Dakolo have been involved in an Instagram back and forth for some days now. The singer had disagreed when the OAP’s idea about the union between a husband and wife which he feels should be a lifetime commitment but the OAP felt insulted by his comment.

In case you misssed it, this was how Daddy replied Timi;

“@timidakolo unlike you, I haven’t waited all my life to respond to you, why should I? Who are you and where’s the sense in what you write or what you stand for?,” Daddy Freeze asked.

“You are a product of this same shallow doctrine yourself, the churches you perform at, where do you think they get the money to pay from? You speak about marriage, how long you been married for? What do you know? You say I don’t have the right to comment on marriage, who gave you the license to comment?

“I was married for 10 whole years, you dingbat! If I can’t comment on marriage, WHO CAN? You call my teachings ‘demonic’, why don’t you back yours up with the Bible? My demonic teachings have full biblical support, how would you know? Do you read your bible?

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“You follow pastors like sheep up and down, is it now paining you that they could be giving more gigs to younger artists, and you are now crying on the internet? Do you think I’m so stupid as not to know what that forlorn dirge you pasted on the internet about (ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE BUILDING YOUR DREAM OR THE PASTOR’S OWN..) stood for?

“You say you give tithe and offering to God when you give it to a pastor, is that what God said in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 or in Nehemiah 10:38?

“Do you have a copy of the Bible at all? I suggest you get yourself one.

“I shouldn’t be educating you, but do read from Matthew 25:32 to know what it takes to “give to God” and ‘pastor’ or ‘man of God’ isn’t in the equation.

“You don’t know shit about my marriage, so you have no right whatsoever to comment on it, I didn’t comment on yours, or how you are handling it, so don’t get personal, your life is far from perfect. Typing in caps is shouting your words, NOT YOUR MESSAGE, which remains as vacuous as the writer.

“You lost respect for me? I never had any for you! Sorry, but I’m not big on pulpit puppets.

“Maybe if you spent more time writing music than writing for the blogs, more kids won’t be wondering “who’s timi dakolo?” ~FRZ – #FreeTheSheeple.”

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