Meet Harmony, The S*X Doll That Moans, Talks (Photos, Video)

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6577201_payinsiderealdollfactory_jpeg1b8fd1c41d43ad0e18f8f01d81013e6e Meet Harmony, The S*x Doll That Moans, Talks (Photos, Video)

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So here is Harmony and what she can do:

1.She runs on batteries that are rechargeable just like your smartphones and laptops.

2. She’s designed to meet your sexual fantasy just like a real human does but in a way only a machine can do.

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3. She can self lubricant during intercourse, moan, talk dirty, remember your name, call your name during S*kx, maintain any position you like, highly flexible so you can divide her legs like the red sea anytime, she can even climax during S*kx.

4. She is a good partner and can engage you on discussions just like a human does.

5. She can self warm her body.

6. Her mouth is also human like and moist, so you can trust down her throat if that’s your fantasy.

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7. Skin like textures made of silicone and very soft, it feels just like a real human skin and ROBOTIX plans to up their game by making them moist just like a real human during S*kx.

8. You can install new language accents on her and get her to speak in any accent you like, so if you love Spanish women accent you can get Hermonie to speak to you in such accent.

S*kx bots are still in an infant stage the company promises that subsequent versions will have human like locomotions and move their bodies during S*kx, so if reverse cowgirl is your favorite, your in for hours of riding nonstop. The doll costs around $2500 on average and can be customized to any shape, size and skin color you prefer. The company sells about 600 of them every year in the US alone and demands are skyrocketing. Watch the video of the bot interacting with a man here.

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