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The Never Ending Tomorrow




“let me sleep more” she said, still very much into her sleep, Shola was eight when her mother got transferred to Abuja by her company and her father decided that he is not well equipped to be a practicing single father and since his job too was very demanding. He couldn’t manage taking care of an eight years old girl with being a round the clock doctor at the same time, so he and his wife came to the conclusion of sending her to stay with her grandmother.

“you better get up or you will be late for your new school” her mother chuckled as she dragged her up from her bed, Shola scratched her eyes as she tried to find her balance, staggering to the bathroom to prepare for school.

On getting to the school, Shola had problems about determining what to feel about her new situation, she was at a new school where she felt totally lost with no friends but she didn’t miss her old school cos she was more of a loner and she hated her class teacher back then.

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She sat at the waiting room of the Head mistress’s office has her parents took care of the registration. After about fifteen minutes the head mistress came out of her office “come on Shola, follow me” she leads Shola to a class which had Primary three boldly written on it

“hello class you have a new member” the head mistress said has she introduced Shola . Still very confused about what to say or what to do. Shola just walked straight to and empty sit.

Shola took one last look at the head mistress as the middle aged woman walked into the light of the sun, the class teacher who was a woman in her early twenties continued her teaching.

And so does this new life starts for Shola, she preferred to look at it as a new beginning as an adventure. She forced herself to think that way, not letting the fact that her mother was going to be away for a period of time which she had no idea of and being the child that she was who didn’t like to stress her parents, who always made that think she was happy and contented with whatever choices they made concerning her behalf.

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At end of the school day, Shola sat in the middle of the school alone waiting for whoever was going to pick her from school, she was told that uncle Tobi was supposed to pick her from school, uncle Tobi was a guy in his twenties which is family had handed over to grandma to help her out with whatever she might need.

After a half hour of waiting uncle Tobi showed up, “oya come and let’s go” he grabbed her roughly as she staggered and fell “sorry shey you no get any bone for your body ni” Shola stood up and let out a little smile, Uncle Tobi’s broken English amazed her, her parents had never really allowed her mingled with others, it has always been school, church home for her so she never really had any contact with anyone who had problem speaking fluent English and this made her have a liking for him.

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As they got home, shola ran all about the house in search of her mother wishing for some kind of miracle that she would still be around, although she didn’t say she was leaving the country that exact day there was something that felt like she wasn’t going to stay around for long. Shola began to panic as she couldn’t find her mother anywhere

“what’s wrong dear?” grandma asked with so much concern

“I’m looking for my mommy” Shola replied as she waited for a disappointing response

“oh honey, your mother as left for south Africa”

And for a moment Shola didn’t know how to react to the news, she had no idea whether to cry or keep her cool, but deep down she anticipated that her mother had already left for the country but that wasn’t what hurt, what hurt was that she left without even saying good bye

“okay ma” Shola replied

“my love, are you hungry?” grandma asked

“yes ma” Shola replied as she followed grandma to the kitchen.



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