We sat at the common room of the company. Its been a work free day as clients seldom came in. Slowly each of us in the common room disappeared as the client of the firm came and handpicked us away so we could offer our services. I love this job and the free time it affords. I could be gone from the office, spend hours on leisure, come back and still close early without affecting my terms of employment. Its one of the beauties of my profession. Normally I should be reading or browsing or blah blah blah updating myself for the betterment of my service but today was different.

I woke up today with crazy need. Its been a month since I have been with someone and I felt a strong need to be with one. My heart longed for my girl but she is so far away. I swayed from side to side on my bed with more realization of my growing need. I picked my phone and glanced through my gallery. She is hot and beautiful. I could feel the growth in my boxers. I lowered my short to see my bulge, “have got to do something about you” I said to myself. I heaved and moved into shower. The cold water washed off my need. I am set for the day. I dressed in suite and headed for the office, I was first to get there.

Back to the common room, it remained just two of us. Right in front of me was this girl, she was light skin complexioned, really cool boobs and the best of it is her legs. She wore a short skirt that has hiked up her tights. Her legs were long, smooth and fresh. Those legs are adorable. I imagined trailing it with my tongue, kissing my passion into them. I imagined them shaking from the wonders I was performing. Her legs were crossed, the skirt made a small opening with her legs which I tried to quint through. I could feel my stomach tightening with so much butterflies flying in it. She was the one. I trailed my eyes round her boobs, they were perfectly conical. I had a mental picture of my hand on them. How so much I want it, those pretty things will fill them up. I crossed my leg to hide my growing bulge. At this moment I decided to speak up.

“Hey Sucre, we are here alone.” I said raising my hands to depict the rooms emptiness.

“Lets play a game!” she smiled as if someone just saved her from the dooming boredom. She nodded her head in agreement.

“So this is the game, you ask me a question and I try to guess the answer. If I get the answer, you show me what I got and you pull it off!”

“Where will this lead us?” she opined, “fun!” I exclaimed. ”

Alright i’m all in!” I nodded and said “good” like she was my student.

Me: “what’s the name of my wristwatch?”

Sucre: “you silly cheat, how am I supposed to know that?” I have no idea. So my turn! Tell me the colour of my hair ribbon? She said.

Me: I made a small laugh and said “black”.

That is easy to guess judging by the dress code.

She pulled out the ribbon and placed it on the low center table in front of us. I move forward and pulled it to myself. I looked at her and I could see glint of arousal in her eyes. She knew where I was going. This will get really nasty,

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“lets go in to my office or yours if you prefer?” I said.

I could see she was trying hard to judge how wise it was.

“Lets make it yours” she said.

Approval for what was going to happen rang out in her voice. She wanted a domineering thing. And I would give her. I smiled and led the way.

I closed the door of my office and locked it. I picked up my phone, called the secretary and told her I won’t receive anyone within the hour. I dropped the phone and turned to her

Sucre: (looking so composed and confident in my seat) “I saw you trailing my legs, you seemed transfixed in-between my skirt. Hmm! So what is the colour of my thong? You must have seen it you cheat!”

Me: (trying hard to hide my embarrassment, I tried hard to swallow the lump in my throat) I tried hard but didn’t see anything.

Sucre: (with a smirk on her face) well you said ‘guess’, so guess!

Me: blue? (Personally my favorite colour is blue. it will be a crazy turn on to have her wear blue panties)

Sucre: (corking her head sideways as if to think if I got it) whew! OK.

She pulled her skirt up and pulled her thong down then kept it in my hand. My heart skipped a beat as I brought it up to my nose to sniff it. I could feel my bulge grow.

“I can’t keep up with this game” I thought aloud.

I moved closer to her so our bodies touched. “Should I guess the colour of your pussy?” I whispered.

“It is beautiful” I said lifting her into my table. I kissed her with the hunger that had grown in me. I could hear my mind scream my far away girlfriend but fuck it. This was giving and taking of life, of pleasure, of pure bliss and beauty. One of my hand trailed drown from cupping her breast down to her groin. She was wet as fuck. I kissed her deep and tried to get my other hand on her bare breast. I wanted to feel her nipples in my hand. I wanted those beautiful twins smoothen in my palms. Work the magic and passion that was in me into her. It was getting difficult to get into her shirt and I was getting frustrated. I ripped the shirt in two with both my hands before I returned my back to her pussy. “I will give you my shirt I whispered into her mouth. I teased her open with my middle finger. Rounded her pussy lips with two of my fingers before I finally went to her clit. I rounded her clit with my finger. I flicked the clit a little before dipping it into her. She gasped and moaned hmm. Such pleasure! I unhooked her bra in one swift motion and discarded it. I think it fell lazily on my rack. Those sumptuous conical bosoms seemed like heaven. I lowered my mouth to her neck and down to her breast. They were soft and beautiful, temptation at its peak. She was glorious. I slipped my finger out of her pussy and brought it to our face. I looked at it and looked into her eyes. While looking into her eyes, I licked the finger then leaned my face forward to kiss her. There was this unexplainable pleasure on her face. She whispered “please do that again” into my ear. I smiled a wicked smile and shook my head, no.” I stood back a little, hands on my tie in frantic effort to pull them off, “stand up!” I commanded. She jumped to her feet as if on cue. “Now undress fast and remove my trousers” I commanded again. I removed my suit and tie and started unbuttoning my shirt when I felt her cool tongue slide down the length of my dick. My legs grew weak and I felt I might fall. I grabbed unto the chair by my side. Damn, her mouth felt so warm and soft clasped around my dick. On her knees, I could feel my dick lovingly sucked in, she grabbed my bare ass and caressed them lovingly. I could feel slow gentle heat from her hands transported round my body. Her hair was forming a sort of disturbance so I packed it in one hand as I used my other to support myself to stand. I could feel the buildup in me already. How I wished this feeling could be everlasting. I closed my eyes as my build up intensifies, the slup, slup sound that came from her moving up down didn’t help matters. I blew my load in her mouth and face. It was bliss.

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She rose like a robot, “do you want anything again?” she sounded like she had been programmed. “Sit on the table. Seat and spread those gorgeous legs for me.” I watched as he went over, sat on the table and spread her legs. There was nothing more gorgeous than seeing her clean shaven pussy. It had a thin lightly unshaven line along it. My only thought was my mouth on it. I wanted to use my tongue to trace that line until I get to her hole and tongue fuck her. “Finger yourself!” she seemed taken aback. It must have been the reaction on my face when she opened her legs. “I will still get there beautiful” I muttered to myself. “I am going to eat that pussy good.” She slipped her finger into herself and started out slowly. She increased the pace to catch up with her uneven breath. She bit her lower lip and clenched her eyes shut. “Oh, hmm, shet, Richard I want you. Please come and fuck me. I want you to fuck me crazy, fuck me silly please!” the groan in her voice made my dick stand again. I moved closer to her and whispered “i’m going to make you cum, sweetie.” I got on my knees blew my warm breath into her pussy and slipped my finger into her. I flattened my tongue again her pussy lips I opened with two of my fingers of the other hand. Her hand was on my head as she realized a deep breath she held. I moved my tongue to her clit and began to slowly suck and nibble on her clit. Her response was intense. She held on to my hair and pulled it while pushing my head into her. She began wriggling and gyration of her hips against my mouth. I brought my hand to her ass and held it firmly to my face. I increased the pace I fingered her and she started buckling wildly against my face. With agony and a groan of pleasure she muttered “i’m coming Rich! Am cumming.” I increased my pace and flicked her clit with my tongue faster. “Oh my damned gush” she moaned out, “hmm Richard cumming, am cumming, ohh shit. Fuck yeah… hmm yes!” I kept up with it driving her crazy until she shook and squirted into my hands.

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I took deep breaths to calm my racing heart. “That…was…amazing!” I said in between gasps as I try to regain my strength, I felt so wasted.

I’ve always imagined what sex with Richard would be like. Doing this almost felt like a dream, I close my eyes savored the last taste of this ecstasy. I lay bare of the table in front of him. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He looked like he was enjoying the view, I smirked. I sat up watching him watch the jiggle of my breasts. I grabbed a hold of one and squeeze gently just to get to him and licked my lips as I glanced down at his large member again. “Damn you are bigger than I thought you’d be” I thought aloud. I felt myself get wet again. He moved towards me and pulled me off the table. He pressed my body against his and grabbed my ass squeezing it. “You like it don’t you?” He whispered in my ear. I felt my knees go weak. “Now turn around and bend over the table” he said while spanking my ass. Shit he is going to take me from the back. I turned around then bent over the table like a good girl. He came behind me and grabs both of my ass cheeks, you are so lovely. He spanked me lightly again, grabbed my ass again and parted me. He kept his dick at my entrance and rubbed at it. I so hate this tease. He grabbed both of my boob in his hands, “tell me what you want” he said still at my entrance. I gyrated my pussy against him and moaned. “I want you right now Rich, I want you to fuck me” I pleaded. “Hmmm that not enough” he said still rubbing his dick against my pussy. “Oh please Richard, please fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before” I begged. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. I wanted to feel how good he felt. His tongue was rather amazing unlike anyone I’ve had. I think he liked my answer because the next thing I knew he was plunging into me. “Aaah!” I moaned not expecting it. He felt so large filling me as he slowly thrust into me from behind. “Richard…oh Richard” I cried out grabbing onto the table. My knees were so weak I would have crumbled to the floor had he not been holding unto my hips. “Richard! …oh lord Richard! Yeah like that hmm.” I screamed as he increased his space and started fucking me harder. “Come for me baby” I heard him groan behind me “oh Richard… am going to! Am coming baby! Ahhaa I screamed coming so harder. He slumped tiredly on me and I on the table.

We got dressed in a moment. He got me one of his shirt for me to wear. The shirt was so oversized, if anyone saw me walk out of this office we are are doomed. I smiled at the thought of the scandal. You fuck the way you work Rich! I smiled and left for my office.