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#BBNaija: Lolu Has Been Evicted From The Big Brother Naija House



 Day 77: Lolu Has Been Evicted From The #BBNaija House

Big Brother Naija never disappoints when it comes to a Live Show and tonight has been no different. From superstar performances, Evictions and all the usual glitz and glam, tonight was a night to remember.

The final BBNaija eviction night has indeed been the best we’ve seen so far. The housemates first of all competed for their wager. The HMs were to pick briefcases with gifts. No one was supposed to pick a check, which Miracle did. He ran away with 200,000 naira cash.

Following over 20 weeks in the Big Brother house, eluding evictions and making their marks in the big brother house, Anto Khloe and Lolua have finally been evicted from the Big Brother house missing the chances of winning the Big Brother game.

It’s quite ironic as two out of them were the ones who were reinstated back into the Big Brother after their eviction from the show weeks ago.

Anto, Cee-C, Khloe, Lolu and Miracle were the housemates up for eviction in the penultimate week before the climax of the big brother game and tonight has seen Anto, Khloe and Lolu losing their chances of staying through to the finals.

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Anto who was brought on stage alongside others, said she is upset about leaving the house. According to her, she doesn’t understand why viewers at home will sent her in and also make her leave.

Lolu on the other hand, said he doesn’t know if he has a girlfriend, but if he is going to have a girlfriend it will be Anto. He also stated that he is no focusing on the positives, now he is out of the show. Anto who backed up Lolu’s statement, said she hopes to work things out with Lolu.

Khloe who admitted setting fire in the house, disclosed that Cee-C has a soft side, even though everyone thinks she is Delilah. Khloe who was spotted kissing Rico’s photo few days ago after his eviction, said she won’t be dating him as she hopes to be in a relationship with a yet to be identified Mr. A.

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We certainly hate to see them go and we certainly know that we’ll miss their stay in the house but everything must come to an end and someone has to win, it’s just quite sad that it’s not Anto, Khloe or Lolu.

With one week left in the Big brother game, it’s finally the time we’d see who’d emerge as the winner of this year’s season.

Alex, Tobi, Nina, Miracle and Cee-C have the chances of winning the game… so let’s wait another week and see what their fates will be…

Lolu is a 29-year old investment banker from Ogun State. He is also an On-Air-Personality. He has formerly worked at Unilorin 89.3 FM and Megalectrics Limited. Omololu is passionate about Finance, Media and Leadership. His fear of being average is his major driving force. Lolu enjoys eating, reading, traveling, playing video as well as board games. He is also a poet, dancer and singer.

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Lolu joined the Big Brother House on Sunday 28 January. He claims his dad is unaware but his sister is excited about it. When asked, he said he dislikes people taking others for granted. He also hates making others feel less of themselves. See how he answered other questions below.

Anto was born and raised in the United States, which makes her a US Citizen by birth, but then she relocated back to Nigeria to complete her NYSC service in Lagos so she can continue to use her voice and experience to champion for Nigeria globally! At the age of 20 to work at her dream job in a male-dominated industry.

Abiri Oluwabusayo Khloe was born on October 29. A horror movie buff, Khloe before now disclosed that she will be bringing drama to the house.

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